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JKA KCoast is a branch of the Japan Karate Association of New Zealand (JKANZ) located in Paraparaumu on the Kapiti Coast. 

JKA New Zealand practices a traditional brand of Shotokan Karate under guidance of the Japan Karate Association HQ in Japan. 

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Improved Health and Fitness

Karate training is a great way to improve your overall health and fitness. It is a high-aerobic activity which tests and improves your coordination, endurance, balance, flexibility and strength. Karate training is very adaptable and suitable for everyone of all ages and physical abilities; and it can be practiced without the use of any equipment. 

Character and Mental Development

Through training, karate can held in building on one’s character and mental attributes. Karate immensely helps in building on your self-esteem, confidence and concentration. It also greatly contributes to instilling respect, self-discipline and mental toughness.

Our ‘Dojo Kun’ is recited regularly in our classes. The Dojo Kun is a set of five guiding ethical principles which aims to remind students of the right attitude, frame of mind and virtues to strive for, both within the and outside the dojo.

Membership with one of the World’s Leading Karate Organisations

JKA New Zealand is a member of the Japan Karate Association (JKA). JKA is one of the largest and prestigious karate organisations in the world, and its headquarters is located in Tokyo, Japan. As a member of JKA KCoast, you will automatically become part of an internationally distinguished karate organisation. 

Training Times 

Tuesday and Thursdays 6pm - 8pm


Adresss: Mazengarb Reserve Sports Complex Hall, 15 Scaife Drive, Paraparaumu 5032